1. in other room news…

    I must have forgot to mention that we replaced our little DIY painting with some more appropriately sized art.

    It definitely fills the space better than our little baby canvas. We’re going to have to find that one a new home, it is one of a kind, after all!


  2. After several fun/painful trips to Home Depot, Lowes, and the amazing wholesale tile store that is only a couple minutes away from 715, we finally settled on choices for cabinets, floor and shower tile, and our backsplash. 

    With tile the design and material possibilities are seemingly endless. We chose a long rectangular tile for the flooring, which will be laid out in a herringbone pattern. 

    For the backsplash and the shower, we are going with subway tiles because the pattern is popular now but also won’t look ridiculous in our old house. There are so many crazy backsplash options to choose from, but we really wanted to stay true to the character of the house and not do something that would look too out of place.

    And finally, our choice for granite:

    We’re really excited to see how everything turns out. Matt is probably a lot more excited than I am though, since he’s been having to shower at the gym all week…


  3. After months of circling the inspiration wagons (my job) and saving money (Matt’s job), our kitchen and bathroom renovation has finally arrived. Redoing a kitchen is probably the largest and most extensive kind of renovation you can do, so we’ve been waiting for/dreading this project ever since buying the house. 

    We decided that Matt would do the demo of the two rooms himself, to keep costs down. 

    The contractors have been at the house all week, working on getting plumbing and electric rerouted (our former bathroom had 0 outlets!). We have some drywall up now as well, and our kitchen window is being moved today so that we can move forward with the cabinet design.


  4. Matt and I both had some time off for the holidays, so we tackled a few decorating projects that had been on our minds for a while. We found a beautiful mirror to hang in our dining area, and we replaced our little DIY chevron-patterned painting above the couch with a print of the Flatiron building that does a better job of filling up the space.

    For the staircase, we didn’t have that many ideas- it’s just the two of us, so we didn’t want to take the  ”family photo gallery” route- it would have gotten boring really fast. We decided to keep it simple with this idea I found on Pinterest. 

    When we had first started thinking about our stairway decor, we had picked up a three-pack of Threshold mirrors from Target. At Joann Fabrics, we picked out a Moroccan-inspired print in a color that would pop against our clean gray walls. Matt picked out the final elements- the M and C- at a Micheal’s craft store and we got to work!

    It’s definitely a simple project that can have a great impact, like a no-bake dessert. The only tricky part was affixing the hangers to the back of the wooden letters! Otherwise, with a staple gun and a careful hand, it’s a mess-free operation.  


  5. Winter is upon us here in Jersey! Matt and I are looking forward to the holidays at 715. Hopefully we can get some more projects done around the house soon! 

    Happy holidays! 


  6. midtown


  7. It’s fall.


  8. Things have been slow-moving around 715 lately. The big news is that we now have electricity wired out to the garage, and have been able to have electric doors installed! Now that our garage is officially out of the Stone Age, it has full man cave capabilities. Matt is very happy. I’m just happy that we won’t have to dig our cars out of the snow come winter! 

    Installation (and pictures) done by Danny’s Doors in West Orange- check out the facebook page, he did an excellent job!


  9. Some snapshots from a recent dinner out at Komegashi Too. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the Ginger and Mint Mojito! 


  10. Never in my life would I have thought I would get so excited over carpet. It’s so soft and such a drastic change from the dingy, brown mess that covered the (equally ugly) original floors before. And also, it makes the accent wall look better, even though it is lonely without some decor to keep it company!